Blomberg – 60cm Built In Ceramic Hob

– Fuel Type Electric
– Hob Type Ceramic
– Burners 4
– Frame Colour Stainless Steel

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Product Number: MKN54322X

The kitchen hob can seem a humble thing, but the Blomberg MKN 54322 X Vitroceramic Electric Hob brings it into the world of high class style. The sleek ceramic design will fit into any kitchen.

It’s perfect for those with young or growing families; electric hobs carry no risk of leakage and can incorporate safety features unavailable on gas cookers. The child lock means buttons won’t be adjusted accidentally, so little fingers won’t get carried away playing with the touch controls. In addition, an indicator will warn you if there is still residual heat in the induction loop after the hob has been switched off. To ensure pots don’t boil over or food isn’t reduced to a crisp, the automatic stop system will kick in if a pan is left unattended for too long. This is made possible by the slight electric current which runs between the hob and the pan, so the hob can tell when the pan is removed or if it has been left unattended for a long time.

The flat surface also makes the Blomberg MKN 54322 X Vitroceramic Electric Hob easier to clean than many of its competitors. There are no awkward grooves into which food can fall or liquid can slosh and dry. Instead, you just drag a cloth across its smooth ceramic surface. It couldn’t be simpler.

– Colour: Black with Stainless Steel Frame
– Material: Metal Frame
– Form Factor: Built-in
– Height 5.5 cm
– Width 58 cm
– Depth 51 cm
– 4 Cooking Elements
– Cooking Element Type: Induction
– Minimum Cooking Element Power (Electric) 750 W
– Maximum Cooking Element Power (Electric) 2.20 kW
– Hob Surface: Glass Ceramic